Québec City Military Tattoo

March in step as military bands from around the world join forces to delight spectators with their toe-tapping rhythms! Each year, with great pride, the Festival welcomes the world’s largest military music bands and brings them together for a music extravaganza called the Québec City Military Tattoo. You don’t want to miss this Tattoo, a whirling kaleidoscope of music and a dazzling display of pomp and ceremony featuring 700 musicians. The drums and pipes, the drill teams and the mass band performances enthrall spectators.

As mentioned on our home page, the 2014 Military Tattoo will not take place. However, the Festival's Board of Directors will make every effort to hold the event in 2015. To go forward, the Festival asks for clear commitments from its different partners and sponsors, including the federal government.

Quebec City Military Tattoo in numbers: an impressive production!
17,000 square feet of stage space * 2,400 square feet of scenery *
170,000 watts of lighting * 100 microphones * 1,000 linear feet of connecting structures *
70,1 ton motors * 7 trailers of equipment * 2,000 man hours of installation * 900 man-hours of programming.

The Quebec City Military Tattoo is a production of the Quebec City International Festival of Military Bands.

2013 realisation team
Lieutenant-colonel (ret’d) Yvan Lachance, OMM, CD
Chief-Warrant-Officer (ret'd) Réjean Blais, CD
Productions Richard Aubé

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